What to Do When Your Plans Get Rained Out

March 27, 2019

It’s the nature of spring adventuring: sometimes the best-laid plans get foiled by spring showers. While a little rain never hurt anybody, a torrential downpour can render climbs unsafe, trails impassable, and enjoyment difficult. Here’s what you can do when precipitation gets in the way of your plans.

Brave it Out

When rain is on the forecast, a camping trip can sound miserable. If there’s only a little rain, though, and your heart is set on camping, it can be done. Make sure your tent is waterproof (not all are), as well as your backpack and jacket. Nothing ruins a trip faster than being soaked! Bring a tarp along to setup a makeshift meal area or bring a pot that’s a little wider than your stove for cooking meals without extinguishing your flame. Place your tent where water will drain away from it, and don’t forget the rainfly!

Make Home Your Basecamp

When the weather is just too miserable to venture out into, you can still camp out for the weekend - do it at home! Set up your tent in your living room (a blanket fort will also suffice) and do your camping activities in the dry warmth of your home. Roll out the sleeping bags, roast some marshmallows in the microwave, and listen to the rain fall outside. Try out some camp games or tell scary stories by the light of a flashlight just like you would at camp.

Explore Indoors

While we’re all about outdoor adventure, there are some adventures that can be had within four walls. Visit your local climbing wall, indoor pool, skating rink, laser tag arena, or trampoline park and get your body moving without getting drenched.

Spring Cleaning

Take advantage of having to stay home to organize your gear! Spring is the transition from winter adventures to warm summer trips, and your gear closet could probably use some clearing out (and maybe airing out). Separate gear by activity and use storage bins to prevent night-before packing panics.

Plan Your Next Adventure

What do you do when you have to cancel a trip? Start thinking about a new one. Putting together plans for a getaway can stave off the rainy day blues - and maybe you can plan a trip to the desert to avoid those spring showers!

Riding out the rain is just another part of the outdoor experience. While spring showers can leave us high and (not) dry when it comes to outdoor adventure, they bring us a promise of sunny days and healthy ecosystems to enjoy soon enough.



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