GSI is Excited to Announce their Sustainability Partnership with prAna

October 28, 2020

GSI is so excited to announce that we have joined prAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement. As a company, GSI is no stranger to sustainability, and we are constantly evolving our social and sustainability efforts. We have always strived to meet the highest mandates for social compliance and environmental practices in the country of origin. 

Prana’s Responsible Packaging Movements, the mission of the project is to ask fellow brands and prAna’s community to join them in their efforts to eliminate excess packaging waste from supply chains in a responsible way. They’ve been working on this effort for 10 years now, and we’re excited for the challenges and proud to become a part of the journey.

Becoming a part of this movement involves two initial steps:

  1. Create our own goals surrounding responsible packaging at our own company

  2. That you celebrate with your community by sharing the news that yreou have also joined the Responsible Packaging Movement

GSI’s goals that we have created surrounding our own responsible packaging include:

1. All new product lines use non-plastic packaging beginning in 2021, wherever possible

2. Phase out plastic packaging in existing product lines by 2023, wherever possible

3. All paper packaging partially or fully sourced from recycled sources by 2023

4. Identify all sources of virgin and non-FSC forest fibers in paper packaging by 2021

5. Phase out all virgin or non-FSC forest fibers in paper packaging by 2023

6. Switch from traditional to paper tape for all in-house repackaging wherever possible starting 2021

7. Investigate other opportunities to reduce packaging waste

We hope you’ll join us on this journey to reduce waste, and stay tuned for more updates as time passes! This is just the beginning.



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