The Perfect Gear for an Outdoor St. Patrick's Day Party

March 13, 2019

While St. Patrick’s Day is technically the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint, the holiday has become an international celebration of Irish culture, food, and drink. Parades are held, rivers are dyed, and plenty of beverages are consumed across the world. But if you prefer your holiday celebrations with some close friends and fresh air, here’s what you’ll need to host your campout St. Patrick’s Day (or any other holiday) party.

The Food

While most people imagine adult beverages as the center of a St. Patrick’s Day party, you can’t forget about the food. Try whipping up an Irish Stew (or make it at home and heat to eat) to warm your group up on a cold spring night outside. If you’re patient, whip up some Irish Soda Bread in a Dutch Oven over the campfire. For less work, heat up some frozen pasties (Irish savory pastries) on a grill over the fire and call it good.


If green beer and crowded pubs aren’t your thing, you can toast St. Patrick from wherever your campsite happens to be. You’re probably going to need a cooler for a proper St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and a few pints. Don’t bring your home glassware to your camp; grab some indestructible shatterproof pint glasses or turn to classic enamelware for a hint of green. Cheers!


If you prefer to toast Ireland with something a little stronger, we’ve still got your back. Choose a lightweight and portable beverage container, like the shatterproof Boulder Flask or, for larger groups, the Highland. Sip your libations from a Highland Glass without fear of broken glass or extra trash. If you’re in need of caffeine, whip up some Irish Coffee to perk up the crowds.

If your idea of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is an empty campsite with a tent full of good friends, you should take this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations outside. Stay hydrated and don’t forget to wear some green!



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