The Only Eating Utensil You'll Need When Backpacking

January 9, 2019

It shovels pasta, scoops soup, and measures coffee. It mixes up dehydrated meals and stirs hot cocoa powder into mugs. It folds up to fit inside nesting bowls, mugs, or hip belt pockets. It’s the only utensil you need on your next backpacking trip.

Meet the Foon.

What’s a Foon?

A Foon is simple - a cross between a fork and a spoon. But it’s features are far from simple. The Foon can achieve all things a fork and a spoon can and more. Tines on the end of the Foon easily grab veggies, meat, or pastas while the rounded spoon surface can hold liquids without spilling your precious post-hike meal.

Why the Foon?

You don’t bring your entire kitchen along on a backpacking trip, and for good reason. Your gear needs to be light, multifunctional, and useful in order to earn a spot in your pack. The Folding Foon weighs a miniscule 0.6oz, folds to a length of 3.7 inches when not in use, and fits under a fuel canister. Yet the mighty Foon also extends and locks to become a 6.1” utensil capable of handling any backcountry meal your throw at it. The real question is, why not the Foon?

The Foon Family

One might say we’ve mastered the ultimate backpacking utensil with the Foon, but we didn’t stop there. Our Folding Foon combines the spork head with a streamlined folding wire handle for sturdy meal enjoyment. The classic Telescoping Foon weighs in at 0.3oz and the sliding handle cuts its length nearly in half when stowed away in your pack. Or, switch it up with the Glacier Stainless Kung Foon - the stainless steel foon-meets-chopsticks match made in camp cooking heaven. Use the Foon and chopsticks on their own or slide the sticks into the sleek foon handle for an extended foon that can reach every nook of a backpacking pot. Our Foons are also featured in our backpacking cooksets (and designed to fit smoothly inside the cooking pots and bowls) so you’re all set to hit the trails.

If you’ve never ventured into the backcountry with a Foon, you’re missing out on how durable, lightweight, and convenient one camp utensil can be. Before you know it, you won’t be able to leave home without a Foon or two in tow.



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