Why Your Next Vacuum Bottle Should Be A Microlite

October 23, 2019

You reach the summit, sweaty and exhausted. You pull out your water bottle, and take a swig of the hard-earned ice cold water inside… only to find it’s lukewarm.  

Your water bottle shouldn’t let you down - or weigh you down - on your adventures. If you’ve been disappointed by your current vacuum bottle, we have the solution: the Microlite series. Here’s why you should choose a Microlite the next time you’re shopping for water bottles.

Thinnest Vacuum Tech

First, let’s get a little technical. If you’ve ever dropped our competitors’ bottles on your toe while trying to pack for your adventure, you know they are heavy, clunky, and not something you’d want to lug around in your backpack. The Microlite is different - these bottles employ impossibly thin 2mm stainless steel walls. That’s thinner than most single-wall plastic bottles you’ll find on the market, meaning this double-wall insulated bottle has an amazingly compact footprint.

Lightest On The Market

What is the benefit of impossibly thin walls? It means Microlites are the lightest vacuum bottles on the market: our Microlite 1000 weighs in at only 13oz. You won’t believe how much lighter these bottles are than the stainless steel bottles you’re used to - it’ll feel like taking your pack off after a 15 mile day on the trail. 

Temperature Retention

Not only are Microlite bottles constructed with lightweight technology, they don’t skimp in the temperature retention area, either. Never again be bummed that your hot coffee turned cold when you return to your car post-ride. The Microlite 1000 boasts up to 32 hours cold retention and 18 hours for hot drinks. When it comes to thin walls and superior insulation, it turns out you can indeed have the best of both worlds.

Holy Options, Batman!

The Microlite line has something for everyone - and we mean it. Available in four sizes, 1000mL, 720mL, 500mL, and the new 350mL, you can find the bottle to fit your hydration style. Plus, choose between a flip or twist lid on the Microlite 500 and 720, because we know you like options. Oh, and did we mention the colors? Choose from over a dozen color combinations, including our new two-tone Microlite Twist Block. From a bright pink Microlite 1000 Twist to a straight black Microlite 350 Flip, there’s a perfect Microlite match for you.

Not Just For Water

While the Microlite makes the perfect water bottle, that’s not all it’s great for. Keep your tea, coffee, or cocoa piping hot in a Microlite for apres enjoyment, or mix up a cocktail for your adventure group to share. Need a receptacle for your electrolyte drink? Microlite. How about a bottle to keep your brewski nice and cold? Microlite. The answer is always Microlite.

A Microlite will keep you hydrated through your multi-day adventures, weekend getaways, or day-to-day use. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your water bottle situation (or looking for a thoughtful gift for your adventure buddy), a Microlite is the choice for you.



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