We thoughtfully designed Guidecast to be lighter than conventional cast iron. The easy-to-handle skillets and dutch ovens also feature efficient heating without hot spots, a natural nonstick ability, corrosion resistance, and easy clean up. Making your experience from indoor to outdoor cooking effortless. 

What's Great About Guidecast

Designed to be lightweight, but so much more

Earning our ECO Solution designation. The Guidecast Dutch ovens are up to 35% lighter and the fry pan series is up to 45% lighter while offering uncompromising cooking performance.

Built to use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or over coals. 

Designed for a lifetime of use. Guidecast performs on all cooking surfaces, from a campfire to an induction stove. Making it great for baking bread, pan-frying up some chicken, or stewing up some chili… the possibilities with Guidecast Cast Iron are limitless.

Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip and maximum control. The lid is designed with a generous coal lip and fits the matching diameter fry pan, converting the frying pan to a perfect pizza Dutch oven.

Resistant to rust for a lifetime of use.

Season your cast iron cookware for a naturally non-stick cooking experience. With a polished smooth cooking surface and corrosion resistant interior finish, the cookware cooks and cleans easily.

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