June 14, 2018

These days, reusable water bottles are no longer just environmentally friendly: they’re engineered with the latest top secret temperature engineering technology. It’s come to the point where your bottle might be one of the most high-tech pieces in your gear collection. This technology overload has led to heavy outdoor water bottles with even heftier price tags. If you’ve ever stood in the bottle section of your local gear shop and wondered, “Do I really need a water bottle that weighs more than a basketball and costs $60?,” the Microlite is for you.

We created the Microlite line to eliminate the weight and clunkiness of stainless steel water bottles without sacrificing any insulating power. Our original flip top Microlite bottles have become a fan favorite due to their temperature-preserving power, low cost, and compact footprint. Now, we’ve released two new Microlite options, with new colors, a new twist-off top, and a new 1 liter size for the more serious hydrators. Read on to learn why the small but mighty Microlite is the Jackie Chan of water bottles.  


New sizes, new styles, new colors. The Microlite family has expanded to meet your needs:

  • Microlite 500 Flip: weighing in at 7.9 ounces (less than a can of soup or a full-grown hamster, according to the internet), this baby won’t weigh you down
  • Microlite 720 Flip: the same as its little sibling, but more room for delicious beverages - topped with a locking flip top for single-handed enjoyment
  • Microlite 500 Twist: a twist on the original flip lid bottle: easily opened with gloves or mittens, with a convenient leash for easy carabiner-ing
  • Microlite 720 Twist: a larger twist version, keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours, cold drinks cold for 24. Keep a hot drink hot all day long for a toasty aprés sip
  • Microlite 1000 Twist: the master of all Microlites, this half-growler holds a little over 32 ounces, so fill ‘er up with whatever tastes good


There are a million water bottles on the market. What makes the Microlite different?

  • Light: weighing a third less than traditional designs to keep your pack light
  • Innovative: double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated (translation: they keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold while you’re doing your thing)
  • Colorful: available in 9 different colors to match your backpack or highlight your favorite stickers
  • Tip Top: available in a locking flip top or a twist lid for your bottle opening pleasure
  • Super Nerdy: engineered for perfect cup holder fitting, effortless backpack water bottle sleeve sliding, and drinking without leaking hot coffee all over your face


The opportunities for beverage storage are as endless as the opportunities for outdoor adventure. The beverage world is yours.

  • HOT: coffee? You betcha. Tea? Indubitably. Hot cider or cocoa? Why not?
  • COLD: beer, lemonade, sweet tea, Kool-Aid, cold brew, LaCroix, Gatorade, adult beverages, juice, gas station slushie. Oh yeah, and water. Water’s good, too.

Your new trusty sidekick, the Microlite bottle will go wherever you go.

  • Backpacking: keep your pack “lite”!
  • Road trip: stay hydrated on the road, activate the flip top with one hand (no knee driving required)
  • To the Summit/Put-in/Crag/Skin Track: Microlites are lite and micro: slip them in your water bottle sleeve or clip the twist lid to your pack for easy transport and all-day hydration
  • On the Chairlift: fuel the shred with a hot beverage sip on the way up or a big gulp of water after a long powder run
  • At the Beach: toss it in your bag and head to the water; the leakproof lids will keep your things completely dry
  • Commuting or Traveling: by train, plane, or automobile, a Microlite will follow you across town or across the globe
  • Work: a hydrated brain is a happy brain, but so is a caffeinated one. Pick your workday elixir and sip away without keyboard spills
  • Around Town: from the meeting to the soccer game to the picnic, this bottle is for adventures large and small

You may be a fan of your current water bottle situation, but once you try the temperature-locking powerhouse that is a GSI Microlite, you’ll realize you don’t need a bottle the size and weight of a fire extinguisher to keep your coffee piping hot.



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