Find the Right Camp Game for Your Adventure

July 25, 2019

Since the beginning of humanity, people have used games as a way to entertain themselves. Playing games strengthens your mind, staves off boredom, and feeds the soul. On your next camping trip, ditch the cell phones and stale card games for some fun and unique camping-ready games - read on to find your camp game match.

For the Deluxe Road Tripper: Horseshoes 

When you’re living out of a vehicle and sleeping wherever you can park, you won’t always come across a built-in horseshoe set - but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice tossing horseshoes. If you’re the type that likes to hit the open road to seek out new adventures in new places, the Freestyle Horseshoe set is for you. This portable set includes four full-sized horseshoes, two outdoor stakes, two indoor stakes (also great for rocky ground), instructions, and a compact carry bag. Stash this set underneath the seat and whip it out when you are ready for fun, then pack it away again when you leave your campsite (or parking lot, or roadside truck stop, we won’t judge).

For the Brainy Backpacker: Backpack Silicone Chess

After spending all day on your feet, some backpackers may recline to a simple game of Go Fish or even some Tic-Tac-Toe. But not you - you like to challenge your body and your mind. Luckily, we had people like you in mind when we designed the Backpack Silicone Chess Set. Lightweight and compact, this set allows you to toss it in your pack and set it up at a moment’s notice. Silicone mat allows for gameplay on almost any surface. Once the match is over, simply roll it up and stash it away with ease. Checkmate, bulky chess boards.

For the Lakeside Revelers: Chicken Disk Battle

If spending an evening by the water with a drink in your hand sounds ideal, you’re bound to enjoy the Freestyle Chicken Disk Battle. That’s right - you use a frisbee to try to knock a rubber chicken off your opponent’s pole. It doesn’t get more fun than that - and can be easily played single-handedly so you have one hand free for your pint glass.

For the Competitive Folks: Freestyle Table Tennis

If your camping trips with friends always turn into a competition over the title of best marshmallow roaster, you shouldn’t leave home without the Freestyle Table Tennis Set. This one-of-a-kind set features paddles, three ping-pong balls (one is never enough), and a contractible net that can be set up and taken down in seconds. All you have to do is find a picnic table and assemble your tournament bracket. Let the games begin.

For the River Trippers: Backpack Cornhole

Days on the river can be exciting (or relaxing, depending on the river). But when you stop for the day and set up camp, you’ll want something to entertain yourself with as the sun goes down. The Backpack Cornhole Set is a mini cornhole set that’s easy to use and easy to stow away in the raft. Set the game boards up on a table or on the ground and toss the bean bags to your heart’s content. First to 21 wins!

For the Backyard Barbecue: Freestyle Disk Golf

Sometimes your adventures happen close to home - in the backyard or the local park. This Freestyle Disk Golf Set travels wherever you go - even if it’s just out the back door. Included in the grab-and-go travel pouch are the quick set up target, eight mini disks, and instructions for Folf newbies. Step back for a target shooting game or stand farther away for a par-3 challenge. The game easily breaks down and packs away when you’re disk golfed out (or when you’re forced to stop due to lack of daylight). 

For the Impatient Ones: Backpack 4-In-A-Row 

If you (or your kiddos) find it hard to wait for your campsite dinner to cook, bust out the Backpack 4-in-a-Row set to kill the time while your dutch oven simmers. The travel size means this set can fit anywhere and it can entertain two players for hours on end. Be careful - you might end up having so much fun you forget and burn your dinner. We’re legally required to warn you.

When you’re at camp with your loved ones, keep the boredom at bay with a fun and portable camp game. Leave the bulky board games at home in the game closet, where they should be.


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